"I really enjoyed the meeting, the lectures and the people I met in Leipzig. During these intense and very stimulating days it was a real pleasure to exchange ideas and to learn new opinions, and it was also fun!"
Luigi Muratori

"The congress in Leipzig has been really fantastic! Thank you for the continuous stimuli you keep on offering to young scientists."
Donato Rigante

"The overall conference arrangements, scientific program and the social events are excellent and quite memorable."
Qianjin Lu

"The conference continues to grow and develop into an important forum for scientific and personal exchange."
Douglas Cines

"What a great conference again. I am always amazed how you managed to bring together so many different scientists from all over the world, young scientists and students, senior experts, clinicians and diagnostic industry."
Arno Kromminga

"Congratulations for this exciting congress and I´m sure the 11th will be more fantastic. Amazing organization and high quality of the lectures with the best speakers."
Carlos Dias

"Please accept my best thanks another unforgettable meeting and dinner organized."
Maurizio Cutolo

"I must say this was one of the best organized meetings - I really enjoyed the conference and your team are to be congratulated for their attention to detail and the organization. All the sessions were outstanding and I learned so much about subjects that I would not normally hear about."
David D'Cruz

"This was such a great congress! I thank you very much for this wonderful time in Leipzig, the perfect organization with the friendliest and personal atmosphere, the spectacular scientific program with the up-to-date lectures."
Annegret Kuhn

"Your meeting was exceptional."
Pierre Youinou

"As always, a wonderful conference. The formula is unique, and outstanding."
Graham R V Hughes

"The 10th ICA was a pleasant and rich experience for all of us. I would like to thank you for organizing one more successful and fruitful scientific meeting for the autoimmunity community."
Luis Andrade

"Many thanks for the spectacular meeting you have organized. I really enjoyed it and found so many interesting lectures."
Claudio Lunardi

"I really enjoyed the congress; the lectures and communications were really amazing and we had so many interesting discussions with our colleagues."
Guilpain Philippe

"It has been so interesting, especially vaccines and AI, novels biologics and biosimilars and also the plenary sessions."
Laetitia Vidal

"Thank you for the great opportunity you gave me to learn and share new information."
Giannotta Girolamo

"My great thanks for the opportunity to participate in such a unique conference as the Leipzig Autoimmunity Congress. Organizing multidisciplinary community interested in autoimmunity issues has a great value and creates the conditions for its full development."
Marzena Olesinska

"It was such an honor to be a speaker, and I've learned much from other speakers of the conference as well."
Irene J. Tan

"Another great congress, another big step, a wonderful time, many thanks."
Lluís Luján

"It is a unique opportunity for young researchers like I am to get in touch with high-quality scientists and to meet colleagues in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks also for the always perfect organization in any aspect of the Congress."
Laura Andreoli

"The program was quite interesting, and the scientific quality was excellent."
Alessandro Antonelli

"All my fellows came back home with a huge number of new research ideas and a lot of energy for working on them."
Andrea Doria

"It was an amazing experience and the knowledge I gained is invaluable. I also met a lot of fantastic people and hope to build collaborations for the future."
Pauline Zaenker

"The meeting that you had established and organized was an outstanding meeting with high level clinical and basic presentations and discussions. I am sure that all participants share with me their extremely positive impression and enthusiasm from the meeting."
Zev Sthoeger

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